Did they forget everything we shared together?

Ever wonder if the person you are thinking about forgot everything you shared together? Forgot all the memories you had? Well I do. I always wonder and ask myself that question whenever there’s someone that changes the way they treat me. It doesn’t always mean that they now treat me poorly, no. We are just not treating each other the same. There’s a bit of distance between us. We are not the same. We use to be more than this. Our relationship was important. Now, I don’t even know if they feel the gap, or even remember, “what we had”. There are a lot of memories that run through my head, a lot of conversations and things that happened between that person, and me, which makes me, miss them, and make me wonder if they forgot everything! You ask yourself, how did we get here?

We all go through this at some point in our lives whether it is with a friend or with someone you were in a relationship with. Once that relationship is over, you start asking yourself those questions. Did they forget everything we shared? How could we be like this after all we’ve been through? You don’t want to admit to yourself that it is over now.  I mean how could it be after all this?
However, you have to know that this relationship came through your life for a reason. It came through your life to teach you something. You might not know what it is but it’s okay. Time will tell. It’s also okay to feel bad about it, but after you’ve had your “moment”, GET UP. Get up and shake it off. It’s not worth it. Someone else will come by and will stick with you through everything. Someone else will come by and make you understand why that other friendship or relationship went downhill.

This is life people come and go. It doesn’t always mean that they are gone forever. Maybe they are still in your life, but it’s just not the same between you. Even so, that’s okay. It will hurt, but you will survive. As Friedrich Nietzsche said “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”!!!!
There’s a lot more to life than to feel bad about those kinds of situations. Those that are worthy will stick around. Those that are not…well, they won’t. This is not a bad thing though, they came for a reason and now they went away for a reason too. They taught you something, they helped you grow, and that’s what’s important. The people that will actually be important to you and will fulfill what you might think is now a “gap”, they will now find a space in your life because there is one. This space is for those who are worthy. Life is precious, don’t just let anyone have that space! Also remember to GET UP and that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!!!

Yours truly,
The unknown within


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