The past

Sometimes you feel like you want things to go back to the way they once were, or maybe you just want them to stay the way they are right now. However things do not stay the same. Although, that is obvious, it still makes us unhappy at times.

You think about the memories, and all the good times you’ve had and you want to go back to that. You miss it. You wish you could’ve had those moments and memories last forever. You didn’t want to have to say good-bye to them. Sometimes you want those moments back so bad that it hurts. You would even tell yourself “I would give anything to go back to those moments”. While that might seem extreme, it still happens.

The only reason why you are thinking this way is because you can’t see any of the positivity in your life right now. You are focusing too much on the negative that it is overshadowing the good. If you disagree than I am right. You wont admit that you are focusing on the negativity, because nobody does. You need to understand that the time you are wasting dwelling and feeling sorry for yourself, is a time wasted that can be spent making new good memories. It is a time that will never be regained again.

If you think about it you’ll know that if you go back to those memories you want, you will find something else to complain about when you get there. Why? Because it is human nature.  So there’s no point of wanting to go back. Stop living in the past. Stop living backwards! There’s so much in life than this. If you miss those “good old times” that much, then why don’t you stop wasting your time and make new good ones. The old is gone, the only thing left of it is your memories. So instead of wishing to go back, enjoy the moments you have now.  Because them too will eventually be old, so let them be “good old times” too. Make new memories to look back too. Time is so precious. What you are wasting now, you’ll be regretting in the future. So don’t do that! “Make the rest of your life the best of your life!!!!”-Eric Thomas

Yours truly,
The unknown within


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