Don’t be an Asshole

Lately I’ve noticed that people question when someone is doing something good for them, but they don’t question when someone does something bad. It always seems like that’s what we expected anyways. Think about that. If someone were to be nice to you for no reason, one of your first thoughts would be why are they being nice? Maybe you would wonder what do they want? I mean there must be a reason behind their kindness.
To me this is sad. Before the “normal” was that the majority of people are nice, that you can trust people but now, it is different. You can’t trust everybody and you sure can’t expect people to be always nice.

So do your part, and be a good person. Not only for people but also for you. You will be happy that people are always looking forward to see you or looking forward to talk to you. You will be happy if you feel loved! We are all here for a certain period of time, so why can’t you leave people with only good things to say? Good things to remember.  It isn’t that hard to smile when you see someone. It isn’t also hard to say good morning when you see someone. Maybe some of you will think it is weird to just say good morning to strangers but that’s the problem. Why is it weird that you are saying “good morning”? I mean how is that weird? You are making them smile, why is that weird to do?
It is such a simple thing to say yet it can have a great affect on someone. Bob Marley once said, “When it is raining it is not only raining on your house”. Which means, you are not the only person in the world that is going through something, whether it is big or small. You are not the only one.  The least thing you can do is give people good and positive vibes.

When someone needs you, be there. When someone looks towards you, smile. When you hear people say negative things about someone, don’t be a part of it. If they’re doing that with you, they are probably doing it without you.  When someone says hi, you respond. Last but definitely not least, don’t judge people. You have absolutely no idea what they are going through! If you are reading this and you are thinking that’s just impossible, nobody can do that then you sure need to know that this is a problem and you should revise yourself. It is not impossible to be a good person. “The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good!!”-Samuel Johnson.  Think about that.

Yours truly,
The unknown within


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