My soulmate

I have always believed that it is possible for two people to fall in love and that love does exist. But soulmates, I never really understood what it could be, is the person you fall in love with, ends up being your soulmate? Does your soulmate have to become the person you are in love with?  To be honest, I did not even think a “soulmate” could be a real thing… until I met my own.

I know this person is my soulmate because when I look at them everything makes sense. And when we are together, nothing else in the world could compare. You feel completed in a way that is indescribable. The second they leave your side, it is as if a part of you, a significant part of you, has left with them. That part you think has left with them, does physically and mentally go away with them. And I think it is because of the strong connection you have together.

Not only that, your happiness depends on their happiness. It is impossible for you to be happy, if they are feeling down. You become connected in so many incredible ways. You become one person, united in every way. Like with your dreams, your desires, your goals, even with your thoughts and your emotions.

When you argue together, and it seems like you are absolutely driven crazy, and there is no way out, deep down you know there is always a way. Because the thought of living without this person is the scariest thought you will ever have in your life. Life is them, they make your whole life.

What a wonderful thing this is. A thing that cannot be compared to anything else in this whole wide world. It is one of the most precious gifts. And so, I do believe soulmates exist. In my personal experience, they have also become the person I am in love with.

Happy birthday my love. You are my light and my soulmate for eternity and beyond.

Do you think soulmates exist? I would love to know.

Yours truly,

The Unknown Within


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