The power of us, humans.

I am worried about the direction this world is heading to. I read a story yesterday that gave me an extremely sad and fearful feeling. Injustice is the norm now. It is the norm towards anyone and anything, and that is horrific. We are human. What happened to that? We have a conscious as well as compassion. Or at least we used too. Because now, I believe many have lost that gift, the gift of love and care. They have become empty and dark inside, and those are the most people I fear for. As they have nothing to live for except for greed, hate, and selfishness.

Power and money, the essence of all evil that is spread upon this world. Why is it that some crave that much power and money? What about family, justice and happiness? What about purpose?

I put it upon myself to live every day aiming to make a difference. Not only for humans, but for anything that breathes. I call for change, from every living being. This evil around us, this injustice and inequality, will be forever a curse on our planet as well as on our children. Think about those you will leave behind. What will you leave them to? No ocean, no plants and trees, only guns and hatred?

Seven and a half billion people, yet they think of themselves as one weak being. They fear. But I do not blame them, as I also fear. But there comes a moment where it is important to remember your power as an individual. It is important to remember that if you rise, all will rise. And when that happens, the world will change. Those who make us fear will run. Those who make us fear will beg. And because we are human, we may forgive. But I would not blame us if we did not. I am aware I do not have this gift of forgiving those who have brought evil upon people and even inflicted fear on others. I do not forgive, because, they have lost their gift of being human, they have turned into just beings. They are empty and dark. And I shall never forgive those who are dark inside, unless it was not by choice, but as a result of also fear and injustice inflicted on them. I would only forgive, if they rise and find their humanity once again. If there will not be change now, it will never exist in our lifetime.

We have become careless, of not only those around us but also the planet in which we live in. Don’t get me wrong; I believe in hope and that change will come no matter what and when. Every single being will get exactly get what they deserve, whether good or bad. In fact, I am hope and YOU are hope. The children of this world are, and will always be hope. However, we have to fight for humanity. Fight for justice. Fight for equality. And most importantly, fight for freedom. It is important to realize that each action one takes every single day affects this fight. It is important to realize that you do not live alone. This is everyone’s fight. If you do not care about strangers, care about your family. If you do not care about humans, care about the planet. If you do not care about the planet, care about whomever you feel deeply towards. You are just passing along and you should leave a footprint that will take this world one step ahead and not one step back.

You will ask me then, what shall I do? I will tell you be good and be kind. Be strong and be courageous. Never give up and always have hope. Don’t ever accept ignorance and injustice. If you hold on to being human, you will do more than you could ever think or even imagine. As the gift of being human, is one, if not the only, greatest gift of all. Only then, you shall pass through pure and satisfied. And I can assure you my friend, that only then, this world will be forever ours.


Yours truly,

The Unknown Within

A human being


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