Life and our loved ones

Life. Life is a very interesting thing. The more I go on in life, the more I see, feel, witness and experience things. The good things are great, but the bad…the bad hurts. You feel it in your chest. Sometimes even in your heart.

Why is it that the bad things leave scars inside us? Is it because that’s what makes us grow? What makes us stronger? Yes, that’s why. Otherwise how would you change? If you can’t have something inside you that forces you to become a better person, how would you be a better person? It has to come from within. But still. The hard and difficult times, the ups and the downs, are painful. They make you question a lot of things in life. Like thinking that your loved ones are just going to always be there is a wrong way to look at things, you must change that. I have realized that this is not real life. People come and go. So you have to do everything you can to show them you care. You might think that they know, and that you don’t need to say it. That’s not right. You have to remind them as much as you can. That’s important. It is important that you pick up that phone and ask about your loved ones, because when the time comes you will wish you did. With the pain of losing someone, you will have the pain of guilt. Don’t do that to yourself. Pick up the phone and show you care.

This is life. No one lives forever. People go so other people can come. So you have to benefit from the time you have with them now.
Have your priorities straight. Yes work is important, yes your plans for today are important, but what’s more important is the people you love. You don’t have forever to tell them how you feel you have today. That is the closest thing you can guarantee.

You never know what that phone call will mean to that person. It might make their day. Maybe they really needed a reminder that they are loved. You don’t need to know what it will mean to that person. Do it because you want too, not because you have too. Show the people you love how much you love them through action, not words. Be there for people. You don’t live alone. And if you’ve lost someone, you must know that as much as it hurts now, time will heal you. They may be gone, but their soul and their memories will stay with you forever. “Everything will be okay in the end, if it is not okay, it is not the end”-Unknown.

Yours truly,
The unknown within


The past

Sometimes you feel like you want things to go back to the way they once were, or maybe you just want them to stay the way they are right now. However things do not stay the same. Although, that is obvious, it still makes us unhappy at times.

You think about the memories, and all the good times you’ve had and you want to go back to that. You miss it. You wish you could’ve had those moments and memories last forever. You didn’t want to have to say good-bye to them. Sometimes you want those moments back so bad that it hurts. You would even tell yourself “I would give anything to go back to those moments”. While that might seem extreme, it still happens.

The only reason why you are thinking this way is because you can’t see any of the positivity in your life right now. You are focusing too much on the negative that it is overshadowing the good. If you disagree than I am right. You wont admit that you are focusing on the negativity, because nobody does. You need to understand that the time you are wasting dwelling and feeling sorry for yourself, is a time wasted that can be spent making new good memories. It is a time that will never be regained again.

If you think about it you’ll know that if you go back to those memories you want, you will find something else to complain about when you get there. Why? Because it is human nature.  So there’s no point of wanting to go back. Stop living in the past. Stop living backwards! There’s so much in life than this. If you miss those “good old times” that much, then why don’t you stop wasting your time and make new good ones. The old is gone, the only thing left of it is your memories. So instead of wishing to go back, enjoy the moments you have now.  Because them too will eventually be old, so let them be “good old times” too. Make new memories to look back too. Time is so precious. What you are wasting now, you’ll be regretting in the future. So don’t do that! “Make the rest of your life the best of your life!!!!”-Eric Thomas

Yours truly,
The unknown within


At some point in our lives there will come a time where we will have to make a promise to someone or to something. Whether it is a promise to a friend, a promise to help someone, or simply a promise to you to reach a certain goal. It doesn’t matter they are all promises.  What matter is this, you HAVE to keep your promise. Why? Well because when it’s a promise to someone, you make him or her have certain expectations from you. Sometimes, you even make them excited and looking forward for whatever it is you promised to do. So then when you don’t keep your promise what do you think will happen? That excitement develops into disappointment.  Nobody wants to get disappointed. For that it hurts. Don’t be the cause for someone else’s pain. Especially when you can avoid it, which you most certainly usually can.

Don’t make promises if you know you might not be able to keep them. Don’t make people excited, if there’s a chance you might destroy that excitement. You might think, well it isn’t that big of a deal, I just promised to meet him or her somewhere with our friends but I can’t make it so it’s okay, our friends are there. Well no, it is not okay because that person might have been going to that gathering just to see you and when you cancel last minute, they get disappointed. You might promise someone that you will call him or her for a job interview in the next two days, but then you don’t, for whatever reason. To you, it’s fine you’ll call later. What’s the big deal? Well, it is a big deal. You don’t know how much that person was waiting for that call. The excitement of having a potential job, developed into a disappointment and it was simply because you didn’t keep your promise.

However small or big the promise is, keep it! Keep it because it is important for the person you promised. Never underestimate how important something is to someone. You don’t know and you don’t need to know. You made a commitment now man up and keep your word! If you can’t keep your word, then simply don’t make one. “A promise made is a debt unpaid”-Robert W. Service.

Your truly,
The unknown within

Did they forget everything we shared together?

Ever wonder if the person you are thinking about forgot everything you shared together? Forgot all the memories you had? Well I do. I always wonder and ask myself that question whenever there’s someone that changes the way they treat me. It doesn’t always mean that they now treat me poorly, no. We are just not treating each other the same. There’s a bit of distance between us. We are not the same. We use to be more than this. Our relationship was important. Now, I don’t even know if they feel the gap, or even remember, “what we had”. There are a lot of memories that run through my head, a lot of conversations and things that happened between that person, and me, which makes me, miss them, and make me wonder if they forgot everything! You ask yourself, how did we get here?

We all go through this at some point in our lives whether it is with a friend or with someone you were in a relationship with. Once that relationship is over, you start asking yourself those questions. Did they forget everything we shared? How could we be like this after all we’ve been through? You don’t want to admit to yourself that it is over now.  I mean how could it be after all this?
However, you have to know that this relationship came through your life for a reason. It came through your life to teach you something. You might not know what it is but it’s okay. Time will tell. It’s also okay to feel bad about it, but after you’ve had your “moment”, GET UP. Get up and shake it off. It’s not worth it. Someone else will come by and will stick with you through everything. Someone else will come by and make you understand why that other friendship or relationship went downhill.

This is life people come and go. It doesn’t always mean that they are gone forever. Maybe they are still in your life, but it’s just not the same between you. Even so, that’s okay. It will hurt, but you will survive. As Friedrich Nietzsche said “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”!!!!
There’s a lot more to life than to feel bad about those kinds of situations. Those that are worthy will stick around. Those that are not…well, they won’t. This is not a bad thing though, they came for a reason and now they went away for a reason too. They taught you something, they helped you grow, and that’s what’s important. The people that will actually be important to you and will fulfill what you might think is now a “gap”, they will now find a space in your life because there is one. This space is for those who are worthy. Life is precious, don’t just let anyone have that space! Also remember to GET UP and that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!!!

Yours truly,
The unknown within